Today we launched our newest exclusive value pack – Urban Traveler by Simple Stories!


I’m especially excited about this one. In the spring of 2013, my husband and I traveled to London and – gasp – I still haven’t done anything with those photos. I usually make a scrapbook for each of our trips, but I just haven’t had a chance to do it yet. This exclusive Urban Traveler value pack is just the motivation I need!

Inside the pack, you get a TON of supplies – definitely enough to make an entire travel album. You get 28 double-sided patterned papers, a 6×6 paper pad, a 12×12 sticker sheet (with several full alphabets and lots of fun word strips), a pack of 6×8 journal pages, and a pack of six pockets. All of that for just $19.99 (a savings of 60%) – a collection pack alone costs that much AND you’re getting the 6×6 paper pad, journal pages, and pockets as well. It’s a fantastic deal!


Here’s the best part. If you cut apart the patterned papers, you’ll get LOTS of 3×4, 4×4, and 4×6 cards and border/title strips that you can use on scrapbook pages or pocket pages. (Look at the image above – and that’s not even all of them!) Seriously, there is more than enough to put together an entire album of your trip, whether you want to create a traditional 12×12 album or something smaller like 6×8 or 4×4. Just grab an album, some refills, a pack of cardstock, and this value pack and you’re all set. The designs and color palette work with a wide range of photos, whether you went on a road trip, visited a big city, hit up a cruise or the beach, or went on a great adventure.




Hurry and grab this amazing deal while you can! Let us know in the comments – what trip would you scrapbook with this value pack?

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