Yarn, fabric, and more…oh my

Over the past weeks and months, we’ve been working on something behind the scenes here at Archiver’s, and today, we are thrilled to let you in on the secret. If you read today’s email, then you saw the announcement that we are now offering yarn, knitting and crocheting supplies, fabric, and other sewing supplies!


This is exciting for a few reasons. Archiver’s will always be your source for the coolest scrapbooking, card-making, and paper-crafting supplies around–that will never change. But, we know many of our customers have multiple hobbies, whether it’s sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking, making jewelry, creating art, or creating unique home decor projects. By offering tons of different crafting items, Archiver’s can be your one-stop-shop for ANYTHING you’re working on. There’s no need to waste time driving from store to store–with just a few clicks on our website you can order everything you need and get it all shipped right to your door.


By offering lots of different products, it’s also easier to reach $75 and qualify for FREE ground shipping (to U.S. addresses only). Stock up on the supplies you need for lots of projects all at once. Have a nearby friend who knits (or bakes, or crochets, or so-on) but you only scrapbook? Order items together and save on shipping!

Our new Yarn Shop site also features helpful how-to videos and links to FREE patterns, with more to come. We’re just getting started! Browse our site for a creative jump-start and then purchase the items you need right on the site. It’s so easy!


Lastly, if you browse Pinterest at all, you know that yarn, fabric, and other sewing supplies can be used for so much more than knitting, crocheting, and sewing! Use these creative supplies for kids’ crafts, to make home decor projects, to create amazing gift wrapping results, to use in conjunction with your paper-crafting supplies, and a whole lot more.

And that’s not all…we’re constantly working behind the scenes to improve our website and make shopping easier and faster for you. New products are also arriving regularly, including brand-new items that have just been released. Keep watching the site for exciting things happening all the time!

Are you excited about our announcement? What types of items are you most excited that we’re offering? Share your comments with us!


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