It’s back-to-school time

School memorabilia

Here in Minnesota, today is the day most students return back to school. The start of a new school year means new friends, new experiences, and lots and lots of new memories!

How are you going to document your child’s school year? These are the days they’ll love looking back on when they’re older. Or, do you have boxes of photos and memorabilia from your own school days that you want to do something with? (I know I do!) Archiver’s has tons of great products and smart ideas to get you started. Here are just a few ideas!

School pocket page albums1. Use pocket pages

Pocket pages are a fast, easy way to create a scrapbook. Slide in a few favorite photos and fill the rest of the pockets with school-themed insert cards (like these from Me & My Big Ideas). Have large memorabilia like certificates or report cards? Put them in plain page protectors and add them with the pocket pages all in one album. You can completely customize your album to fit the photos and memorabilia you have. This is also a smart idea for those of you like me who want to do something with their own school memories from years back – you’ll finish your album in no time!

School scrapbook pages

2. Create a traditional scrapbook

Want to create something more elaborate? Create a traditional scrapbook using patterned papers (this paper pad is fun), stickers, stamps, and other embellishments (like this die-cut pack with tons of great pieces). Even if you make only one spread per year, by the time your child graduates you’ll have an album full of memories! Need some help getting started? Try a page or album kit (like this one) with all the supplies you need in one pack.


3. Do something with all of that artwork

Does your child bring home tons of artwork, and you have no idea what to do with it? Instead of storing it all in boxes that take up tons of space, we have two fun ideas. First, you could slide the artwork into page protectors (trimming down if necessary) and organize inside a binder. It’s easy to flip through and everything is in one space. Or, try this idea – take a photo of your child with his/her artwork, print the photos, and put those in an album or scrapbook and toss the original artwork. That way, you still have the memories without needing to organize all the “stuff”!

Sports pages

4. Don’t forget about sports and activities

Back-to-school time often means the start of a new school sports season. If your child is in sports or activities like band or choir, don’t forget to document those memories in their scrapbook, too. Remember to include things like ticket stubs, programs, and other memorabilia along with the photos!


5. Think ahead to graduation

If your child is a senior this year, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead to graduation. Start putting together a scrapbook you can display at an open house now, so you avoid the rush in the spring! Our exclusive Cap and Gown kit is full of great products that you can pair with cardstock in any school colors.

Looking for more ideas? Make sure to check out our Pinterest page. We’ve got TONS of them!

What’s your best tip for documenting school memories? Share with us in the comments!

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