Win a $50 e-gift card


Do you follow Archiver’s on social media? If not, you will want to. We’re giving away a couple of $50 e-gift cards to our site!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. “Like” Archiver’s on Facebook and comment on our giveaway post.
  2. Follow Archiver’s on Instagram and “love” our giveaway post.

We’ll choose one Facebook winner and one Instagram winner on August 19th. Make sure you share with your friends, too. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Win a $50 e-gift card

  1. Way to alienate potential customers! I always liked the stores and was sad when they closed, but this — entities that require someone to “like” them in order to enter a contest — is one of my biggest peeves. Won’t do it, won’t recommend it or your site to my crafty friends. Do not make the mistake so many companies, authors and performers make and assume that everyone who follows your blog or shops your website is on FB, twitter or instagram — or making those potential customers who aren’t on social network sites feel like they do not matter. Oops…too late! Looks like you already did that.


  2. I am truly happy to have ARCHIVER’S available but like wOrdtrix above, having to sign up for things in order to be considered for drawers sometimes makes me very sad. When you are a good customer that should speak for itself.


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