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Oh Instagram.

One of my absolute favorite apps is Instagram.

If I didn’t look so silly (or think I look so silly) running around with my iPad, I’d take instagrams of just about everything.

It’s so much fun to play with the effects and take adorable square photos…and it gets better.

They’re PERFECT for my SMASH book (and we all know how much I love to SMASH).

I told you I was starting a new SMASH book – and here it is!  My new Eco Green folio.

Like I said, instagram is my new favorite thing, so I decided to create a page devoted just to instagrams.  It’ll be a great way to use the extra photos I might have lying around and a way to see all the things I’ve done.

I used the Sony machine at the Maple Grove Archiver’s to print off my instagrams and used the matte finish, and let me tell you.  They turned out WAY better than I could’ve imagined.  Here are some more that I haven’t cut up yet:

Here they are!  A couple 5×7 prints and a few 4×6 prints.

For this print, I had the option to select 8 different photos.  A lot of bang for you buck with this option!  I also added the “instagrams” text using that option in the edit screen.

This print is a 5×7 (hard to tell in this image) and the instagrams end up being just a smidge bigger than 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″.

This is another 4×6 and it gave me the option to choose three photos.  It just repeats the images you select, which is nice if you want to share your instagrams with the people you might’ve been with (like my cousin and my grandma!).

This is another 5×7 print and this had the option for 4 different images.  (And the gooey thing in the top right corner is called Sticky Pull Parts and Culynn does not share his recipe.)

Last one.  A 4×6 print.  Again, perfect for sharing with someone!  These end up being just under 2″ x 2″.

BONUS – Photo prints are 50% off on Tuesdays…PERFECT for printing instagrams!  :)

I just emailed my instagrams to myself (much like you’d have to do if you wanted a photo from a friend), saved them on my memory card as a jpeg, and then printed them at Archiver’s.

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Hey guys!  Wow did we have a great time at CHA!  We saw tons of great new products and ideas – it was fantastic!

One of our most favorite new products was the SMASH Book from EK Success Brands.  It’s ADORABLE and such a great idea for an easy scrapbook and journal.  Check out the video HERE and you’ll fall in love with it, just like we did!

Here are a few pictures from EK Success’ booth at CHA showing all the “SMASHing” new products:

The SMASH Book can travel around with you, on all of your adventures!  It comes with a two-in-one pen and glue stick, so you can add movie tickets right after you see the movie AND write your review as soon as you walk out of the theater.  The point of this amazing book is that it’s NOT perfect, but a place where you can jot down your ideas, glue in an idea you saw in a magazine, add bits of memorabilia – there are ENDLESS possibilities with this book!

Stop back tomorrow for more exciting things from CHA!

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