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The top gift anyone could ever give me would be ‘more time’.  If someone sold time at a store – I would be their best customer.  For Mother’s Day this year, that is what I have decided to give my mom – my time.  I am taking a long weekend to go to my parent’s house to spend time helping her organize our family photos.  Since my children were born she and I don’t spend as much mother-daughter time together as either of us would like.  It isn’t a sexy gift – but talk about practical…and way more fun to do with someone else than by yourself!  She has been trying to organize her photos for months and dealing with digital photos, old photos from when she was young, 35MM photos/negatives from the 80s etc…She is overwhelmed.

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Who doesn’t have trouble keeping track of birthdays?  Getting the cards made is one thing – actually getting them out on time is a whole different issue.  Traci Penrod, an employee in our Buford, Georgia store, created the greatest card organizer to help with this and I had to share.  She made it to coordinate with the Basic Grey card workshop kicking off this weekend and it is not only adorable – but will save you time and money by planning ahead.

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