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Oh Memory Cards

Where do you keep your memory cards?

Are all of yours tucked in pockets and purses and all over the place like mine are?  I think I have one in my wallet right now, three or four with my scrap stuff, another two or three on Culynn’s desk, and a few more hiding in my camera bag.  They’re EVERYWHERE.

My Pick of the Week is really the perfect product for me right now (I don’t like to delete photos off of memory cards until I know I have them saved in at least two other places – I’ve lost thousands and thousands of photos before – not a good feeling):

The Memory Card Organizer from Pioneer.

It holds up to ten memory cards, each card protected in its own little compartment, AND there are memory areas to note which card has what on it (I need that SO bad…I search through every card EVERY time I need pictures).

Another great way to stay organized in 2012!  Get your Memory Card Organizer on the Annex today!

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Stickin’ to it…

I told you last week…I’m going to get organized and stay organized this year!

So continuing with that theme…here’s my Pin of the Week:

You: Hold the phone…that’s not about organizing!

Me: I know I know…but what a cool idea, I couldn’t resist sharing!

You: Ok, I suppose, but I really thought you were going to talk about organizing…

Me: And I am!  Here we go!

All of these great storage ideas have been found on Pinterest, so I most definitely cannot take credit for them.  But aren’t they brilliant!  It’s always those small odd-sized things that I have trouble keeping organized, and Stickles are one of them.  I love that each of these Pins has them stored pointing down – it’s genius!

Don’t forget – Today is the LAST DAY to get 53% off QuicKutz/Lifestyle Craft dies AND Keepsafe storage boxes at Archiver’s (in stores only).

How do you keep your craft room/craft supplies organized?

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Happy 2012 everyone!

Have you made any resolutions this year?  One of mine is most definitely to get my butt in gear and get back to the gym.  Seriously.  It’s on my way home from work.  I’ve run out of excuses for not going.

Another resolution of mine is to get my scrap stuff organized and to KEEP IT organized.  My scrap stuff is mostly contained, but I have a bunch of random bags and boxes floating around my apartment (that are pretty much driving Culynn crazy).  AND it tends to get pretty cluttered when I’m working on pages…so my Pin of the Week is all about organizing.

I don’t have that much extra space in my apartment, but I do have a bookcase that holds most of my scrap stuff.  I have paper organized by color, all of my gems are in a tote (I love some bling!), embellishments are in a tote, ribbon and trims are in a tote, and then I have a tote of projects in progress.

I’m not so secretly hoping that someday I’ll be able to have my very own scrap room once Culynn and I are in a house.  I’ve even been told by a certain husband of mine that I will get a scrap room because he doesn’t want to see all my scrap stuff all over the place…so I’m thinking this will work out pretty well.  :)

Here are a few more organization ideas:


I’d love to hear how you’re staying organized…post a comment here on the blog or on the Archiver’s Facebook page!

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Ditto and a Video!

So I have a planner.  Most of the time it keeps me pretty organized…when I choose to write in it and remember that I actually wrote in it.  It’s always in my purse, but it’s kinda just there.  I LOVE making lists and writing things down and making plans to write in my planner for the following weeks…but my planner is super blah.  Check it out:

There’s nothing exciting going on there.  AND…it’s getting to the end of its little life.  I bought it last summer and it goes through July of this summer, so eventually I’m going to need a new one.

Thank goodness for Archiver’s and Hampton Art and the FANTASTIC Ditto collection.

This book/album/planner/scrapbook/whatever it may be MAKES me want to write it in, add pages, add memories.  It’s my own and it’s what I make it.  I can write out my days, schedule in coffee dates and appointments for my upcoming wedding.  I can also add pictures and movie tickets and things from an amazing Saturday afternoon spent with friends.  At the end of the year…or when my book is stuffed to the breaking point…I’ll have a scrapbook that takes me through an entire year of my life.

I’ve got a great VIDEO to share with you, too!  Stop by your local Archiver’s and check out the Ditto collection!  You’ll love it!

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