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It’s that time of year again; time to panic that I haven’t researched or signed up my kids for any summer activities yet.  It’s unbelievable how quickly their activities fill up and I’m out of luck until next year (when I will forget to do it early again!).  One activity that I know I’m not too late to sign up for is going on at Archiver’s this summer.

If you’re like me and looking for fun things for your kids to do this summer, add Camp Creativity at Archiver’s to your list.  Your kids (8 and older) will get to make a summer mini-album and have a great time while they learn about scrapbooking.  The album is really cool too – our designers created it using the new Boardwalk collection from Little Yellow Bicycle and the kids will get to take home a bunch of extra stickers and embellishments from the collection to use after the class too.

Last summer was the first time we offered a kids’ class at Archiver’s and we were delighted to get so many positive comments after the class.  We heard from parents and kids, (both boys and girls) about how much fun it was and that they couldn’t wait to take it again next summer.  Get your kids in on the fun too – call and sign up today!

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I am in mid-planning for a family trip to Disney World this summer.  My husband and I took our eldest son Will, when he was four.  Will was in awe of the place.  My husband and I smiled just watching him.  We have great memories and photos from that trip.  When we got back – I had every intention of an elaborate scrapbook to commemorate our trip (which is still not done – trip was in 2007!).  I also wanted to make Will a quick little album that he could enjoy.  I did finish that album and it has turned into the most beloved memory book in our house.

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It’s Monday so you know what that means…Scrap-Lift Time!  I’ve had this page in my idea binder for a couple years and I think I’ve used about 4 times (which is a lot for me)!

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Simple as ABC

I love it when toddlers first learn to sing the alphabet song. My Grandson Landon (age 2) has an especially cute version. When he gets to  “l,m,n,o,p” he simply says, “ELMO P”.  Elmo is one of his favorite characters so I guess it makes perfect sense to him that his name would be in the middle of his favorite song! Landon is much older now, (2 1/2) and doesn’t sing it that way anymore, but I will always remember his funny version of the alphabet song. I’m thinking in about 15 years, this story and scrapbook page will be quite a hit at his graduation party, hee hee….it’s so fun being a grandma!

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