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Well Now What!

My SMASH book is done.

It’s full.

I only have maybe 6 more pictures to put in the book (first I have to remember where I saved them…) and then it will officially be done.  Check it out (I also pretty much love Instagram too…):

That’s just about every page in my SMASH book.  Again, just a few more photos and it’s doneski.

So now what.

Another SMASH book.  That’s what.

I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be the Eco Green one…green really is my favorite color.

I’ve even started collecting things to put in my next book.  Pictures galore (thanks Instagram and Pocket Booth!).  A toothpick from my first turkey burger.  A Laffy Taffy wrapper with a really “great” joke.  Funny emails and text from Culynn.  More hilarious quotes and stories from my Grandma.

My first SMASH book was the International Yellow book (mostly because there’s a page in it that says “Gesundheit!”). It’ll be so much fun to look back at all of those memories.  I put so many fun (and funny!) things in that book and really stretched myself out of my comfort zone.  I’ve admitted it before…I’m a perfectionist.  SMASHing things into my SMASH book took a bit of getting used to!  But I’m so glad I jumped in and finished a folio.

Now I just have to catch up to Culynn…he’s on his 4th or 5th book.  Oh boy.  Those SMASHing husbands.  :)

Bonus?  ALL SMASH products are 30% off in stores now through Wednesday, February 15.

Another bonus?  Select SMASH bundles are 20% off on the Annex now through Wednesday, February 15.

Happy SMASHing!

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