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Love is in the air

It’s the last day of January (good night where is 2012 going)…and the stores are pretty much exploding with Valentine’s Day products.  I think one of the grocery stores here has had Valentine candy out since around Christmas.

So in the spirit of this holiday of loooove…my pin of the week!

What a cute idea for some creative display in your home, apartment, classroom, desk at work, wherever!  Grab a heart punch and a shadowbox, some cute paper or cardstock, and some adhesive, and bam.  An adorable frame (or two or three) for wherever you choose to display it.

Here are a couple more variations on this cute idea:

Love is in the air!  Any of these would make a really special Valentine’s Day gift for a friend or loved one.  You could even change it up and use a star punch, or a dinosaur punch, or whatever punch you’d like.

Happy Crafting!

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