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Ditto and a Video!

So I have a planner.  Most of the time it keeps me pretty organized…when I choose to write in it and remember that I actually wrote in it.  It’s always in my purse, but it’s kinda just there.  I LOVE making lists and writing things down and making plans to write in my planner for the following weeks…but my planner is super blah.  Check it out:

There’s nothing exciting going on there.  AND…it’s getting to the end of its little life.  I bought it last summer and it goes through July of this summer, so eventually I’m going to need a new one.

Thank goodness for Archiver’s and Hampton Art and the FANTASTIC Ditto collection.

This book/album/planner/scrapbook/whatever it may be MAKES me want to write it in, add pages, add memories.  It’s my own and it’s what I make it.  I can write out my days, schedule in coffee dates and appointments for my upcoming wedding.  I can also add pictures and movie tickets and things from an amazing Saturday afternoon spent with friends.  At the end of the year…or when my book is stuffed to the breaking point…I’ll have a scrapbook that takes me through an entire year of my life.

I’ve got a great VIDEO to share with you, too!  Stop by your local Archiver’s and check out the Ditto collection!  You’ll love it!

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