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One Week!

So you’ve probably noticed.

We haven’t updated the blog in a while.

Let me show you why…

ScrapFest is ONE WEEK AWAY!  The excitement is definitely in the air around here!  We’re getting everything packed up and ready to go over to the Mall of America.

AND…Christmas is definitely on its way here at Archiver’s…but I’ll save that for next week.  :)

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Uff da.  What a week it has been here at Archiver’s.

It has been a ScrapFest-tastic week here at the office!  So now that things have settled down a bit (for now – Christmas is on its way!) I FINALLY have a chance to share some CHA pictures with you!

I think the pictures will speak for themselves:

It seriously would take me until next Friday to show you all of the pictures our crew took at CHA.  Oh my word.  Lots of cool things comin’ our way!

Happy Friday and Happy Scrappin’ everyone!

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Hokay.  So we’ve had a great week of resolutions.  Take more photos, back up those photos you’ve taken, make a day of scrapbooking with your family, let go of expectations to make everything absolutely and totally perfect.  Pretty good for 2011, I think.  So now what?  Where do we go from here?

To a crop at your local Archiver’s, that’s where!  Even if it’s one Saturday a month, or a “weekend getaway” every other month, it gets your brain going and your projects finished.

Last January, before I stared working at Archiver’s, I was up at the Maple Grove store every day, working on my high school scrapbook (4 years late, but whatevs).  A friend of mine and I decided to meet up there every day and it was so great because we kept each other accountable for showing up.

Now realistically speaking, most people (and now me included) can’t spend all day every day scrapbooking.  Man I’d love to though, how sweet would that be!  However, a goal of once a month or once every other month is a much easier feat to accomplish.

Find a group of girls that you love to craft with and decide what time frame works best for you.  The second Friday of the month, the last Saturday of the even months, whatever fits into your schedules.  By the end of 2011, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve gotten done!

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Hey Archiver’s fans….Scrapfest weekend is sadly over, but what a BLAST!     It was a weekend filled with awesome workshops, great make and takes, remarkable product and a multitude of rockin’ scrappers.  I personally was “stationed” in the registration area which allowed me to meet/assist/and get to know about a million new creative friends from literally all over the world.   I heard stories of families and friends, trips and experiences and the many reasons for preserving it all. I witnessed creative minds meeting for the first time, friends who have been crafting together forever and people who I would have sworn were sisters and then found out that they had only just met!  There is no denying it….it’s  a special bond we have.  Thanks to everyone that attended Scrapfest along with all those that shop in our stores, reads our newsletters emails and blog, follow us on Facebook and “freak out” over our cool stuff! You faithfully confirm our belief that this is much more than just a hobby.

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