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Well Now What!

My SMASH book is done.

It’s full.

I only have maybe 6 more pictures to put in the book (first I have to remember where I saved them…) and then it will officially be done.  Check it out (I also pretty much love Instagram too…):

That’s just about every page in my SMASH book.  Again, just a few more photos and it’s doneski.

So now what.

Another SMASH book.  That’s what.

I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be the Eco Green one…green really is my favorite color.

I’ve even started collecting things to put in my next book.  Pictures galore (thanks Instagram and Pocket Booth!).  A toothpick from my first turkey burger.  A Laffy Taffy wrapper with a really “great” joke.  Funny emails and text from Culynn.  More hilarious quotes and stories from my Grandma.

My first SMASH book was the International Yellow book (mostly because there’s a page in it that says “Gesundheit!”). It’ll be so much fun to look back at all of those memories.  I put so many fun (and funny!) things in that book and really stretched myself out of my comfort zone.  I’ve admitted it before…I’m a perfectionist.  SMASHing things into my SMASH book took a bit of getting used to!  But I’m so glad I jumped in and finished a folio.

Now I just have to catch up to Culynn…he’s on his 4th or 5th book.  Oh boy.  Those SMASHing husbands.  :)

Bonus?  ALL SMASH products are 30% off in stores now through Wednesday, February 15.

Another bonus?  Select SMASH bundles are 20% off on the Annex now through Wednesday, February 15.

Happy SMASHing!

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(I promise this isn’t as violent as it sounds!)

So Tuesday night.  I got together with my college roommates at the Mall of America, and I had JUST stopped at the Archiver’s to grab some more accessories for my SMASH book (which I looooooove).  They were asking me about it, and I just couldn’t do the book justice, so I told them I’d post the video on their Facebook walls, which I did on Wednesday morning.

Here’s where the SMASHing husbands come in…

I got home from work on Wednesday night and Culynn, my husband, was sitting on the couch working on some work stuff and here’s how the conversation went down:

Culynn: “What is this video you posted on everyone’s walls?”

Meg: “Uhh…the SMASH video?”

Culynn: “YES!!  Where do you get one of those?”

Meg: “Archiver’s…why?”

Culynn: “Because I LOVE it and I WANT one!”

Meg: “Wait…what?”

Culynn: “They’re SO COOL!”

Meg: [pulls yellow SMASH book out of purse]

Culynn: “You already have one!  When did you get that!  [pauses for a minute...]  So…which Archiver’s is closest to us?”

I made fajitas for dinner…and then we went up to Maple Grove (which we decided was closest) and Culynn got not one, but two SMASH books, just about every accessory to go with them, and a bunch of LePens.  He’s going to use it for a work project, so it’ll be very interesting to see how it turns out.  I never thought I’d say my husband was excited about a crafty project.

He stayed up until 1:00 am working on it.  Uff da.

Happy SMASHing everyone!  Even you husbands out there, too!  :)

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No lie.  I took 2,187 pictures on my honeymoon in St. Maarten.  2,187.  Yup.

I’m a scrapbooker!  I have to have pictures!

But seriously, what do you do with 2,187 pictures…it’s not humanly possible to scrapbook that many pictures without creating a ridiculous number of albums!

We R Memory Keepers to the rescue!

Last Friday, I gave you a sneak peak of the July 2011 Pages of the Month and hopefully you checked out the rest of the Pages of the Months we have on the Archiver’s website.  This is such a great way to keep scrappin’ all year long.  You can scraplift the page of the month (both the 12” x 12” layout and the hybrid page) and then add pages behind it for the other photos from that event.  Every month you’ll have a new layout to create!

For the pictures from my honeymoon, I’m going to do 12” x 12” layouts of certain pictures and events from the trip, but I don’t have the time to make a full layout for every single page.  I can use the We R Memory Keepers system to add pages of JUST photos, and maybe throw some journaling in there too.

This is what I’ve got so far:

I LOVE that We R Memory Keepers has so many different pocket pages.  I can change up every page so that I’m not just looking through page after page of 4” x 6”s.

The only bad thing about this is that I still haven’t scrapped my semester abroad from 2008.  I don’t even want to tell you how many pictures I took in 4 months whilst studying in Germany and traveling all over Europe.  Uff da.  I should probably work on those albums first (which will MOST DEFINITELY be We R Memory Keepers albums) before I start on the wedding and the honeymoon…but we’ll see.

Happy Scrappin’ everyone!

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We seriously can’t get enough of Simple Stories by Memory Works!  These kits are fantastic and so perfect for those of you that love to scrapbook, but don’t have a whole lot of time to pick out papers and embellishments!  All you really need is a trimmer and maybe some adhesive (to mat photos if you so choose) and you’re ready to go!

Check out the video we just made about these kits and we’re sure you’ll love Simple Stories as much as we do!  We even have a “how-to” article on our website that shows you how quick and easy it is to put together a fabulous album and 20 pages that we’ve made using the Life Documented Simple Stories kit.

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