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We’ve solved the mysteries of border punches.  We’ve used them on cards and scrapbook layouts.  We LOVE all the cute new designs (especially the plaid one!) and we’re not done yet.

Border punches are such an easy way to add that extra touch of creativity to a project.  And the best part…it takes no time at all!

Today I have an adorable idea for you…but it’s much easier to show you how stinkin’ cute this is in a VIDEO.

Happy Border Punching!

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Have you ever looked at a border punch and thought, OK, what do I get if I punch with that?  Will it be a border that’s still attached to the page?  Will it create a chain?  What’s the trick?!

If you haven’t stopped by your local Archiver’s in a while, make sure you do.  We’ve got a great display board of punched borders.  It’s great and it helps solve a bit of the border punch mystery…but what do you do when you get home and can’t remember what the border you bought does?

Have no fear!  I have the answer right here!

EK Success border punches make it SUPER easy to figure out if you’ll end up with a chain or a border on your page.  Just pay attention to the silver images printed on the punch.  If you have a solid silver line that goes across the entire top and bottom of the image, you’ll end up with a chain that’s totally separate from the paper.  If you do not have a solid silver line, then you’ll end up with a border that will still be attached to your piece of paper.  Check out these images (I’m totally a visual learner!):

The photo above  shows a chain punch.  Notice how the top and bottom of the image has the silver line that goes all the way across (it’s circled in pink)?  The piece that will be punched out is the part of the image that is NOT silver.

See how the punches in the photo above don”t have silver all the way across the bottom (it’s circled in yellow)?  That means it’ll stay attached to the paper you’re punching from.  The floral punch at the top of the image will leave you with the non-silver part in your page, creating a really cool decorative flower image.  The “Swiss Cheese” border (the one with all the circles) will just leave a bunch of circles punched on the edge of your page – hence the name “Swiss Cheese”!  Pretty sweet, huh?

Remember, you can stop by your local Archiver’s anytime with your questions.  If you don’t live near an Archiver’s, just AskRobin!

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