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I know I don’t have to tell you how much I love Bazzill.  That is because you love it too, and if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet you must run to the store and check it out.  Bazzill is the little black dress of scrapbooking and paper crafts.  It goes with everything, and is perfect for every occasion!

Their textures are delicious, but of course they couldn’t stop there.  Let me introduce you to Two Scoops!

This new cardstock is embossed in three different patterns.  Bazzill has been kind enough to create color stories  – thank you Bazzill – which means within each color story the cardstock will have a dot, diamond, or flower pattern.  All you have to do is sand the paper an enhance the image!

Abby also thought this would be fun to use without sanding.  I’m going to try that next!

Hello bloggers!  I have learned something that just shocked me speechless: scrapbookers are scared of rub-ons.  This is unacceptable!  :) They are genius and one of my favorite go-to products by any manufacturer.  And really easy to use!  So let’s learn the ins-and-outs of rub-ons…

Rub-ons come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some of my most favorites are basics like these alphabets from Maya Road.

You can also get rub-ons to match collections!  Here is a layout I made using Beach Bum by Fancy Pants.

The rub-ons are the bucket and shovel, and the titles “Hello Sunshine” and “Ride the Wave.”  Add rub-ons to white space on your photos!

The easiest way to apply the rub-on to your page is using the rub-on roller.

To keep unwanted surrounding images from transferring to your project, I would suggest cutting out the rub-on you are using.  One trick I learned from a very smart scrapbooker is to leave the rub-ons in the package, and then cut out the rub-on.  Genius!  Then you don’t have to worry about the protective back coming off, and the rub-ons sticking to each other.  Here is a visual aid:

So what happens if your rub-on does not rub on perfectly?  Or you need to remove it?  Have you ruined your project??  NOPE!  There are two ways to remove rub-ons.  The first is to place scotch tape over the rub-on and gently peel it away.  Usually your rub-on will lift with the tape.  My preferred method of removing rub-ons is Un-du.

Un-du will safely remove rub-ons from paper, photos, where ever the rogue rub-on has stuck!  I have just taken the worry out of rub-ons. :)

Other fun tidbits: layering rub-ons gives you amazing impact on your projects, use them as journaling spots, borders, photos corners, titles…endless options!!

The rub-on is the journaling spot.  LOVE!

Here are a few other must-haves:


7 Gypsies

Show us your rub-on style on our Facebook page!  And if you have any other rub-on questions Ask Robin!

As scrapbookers, we love to give handmade gifts almost as much as we love to get them.  Right?  There’s nothing better than the kiddos bringing “books” they’ve made, or projects home from school…yes, I am one proud Mama.  With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s so meaningful to remember this and treat your Mother with a handmade gift.  But I learned this year there are other Mothers in your life that make such an impact.  Making a Mother’s Day card for your Mom will make her day, but don’t stop there!

Meet Winston, and his incredible Mom, my good friend, Tiffany.

I am so blessed and honored to witness the big love between these two.  She is so inspiring as a Mom; I have never met anyone so patient or gentle.  It just so happened, that while Mother’s Day was approaching, so was the arrival of her second baby!  With all the excitement of the new baby, I decided to pause for a minute to celebrate Winston and Tiffany.

Never underestimate the power of a handmade gift.  Girl’s Paperie, the new Tim Holtz Texture Trade, and a little My Mind’s Eye were perfect for this tray!  We love this craft so much, and it is so great to share that love with those we care about most.  This Mother’s Day treat any of the special Mothers in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day Tiffany!

I know…I thought it looked difficult too.  Take a look and I’ll tell you why it’s my favorite new technique!!

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Hello SPRING!!  We have decided that ignoring the snow and relishing in the bright sunny colors of all the NEW scrapbooking goodness that is filling our office is the perfect way to welcome spring.  A little early.

Speaking of that new scrapbooking goodness…let me introduce Elizabeth Park by Little Yellow Bicycle.  This group is just arriving in stores today and tomorrow!!

So now to business.  The business of scraplifting :)   This is an acrylic/chipboard album by Little Yellow Bicycle.  Seriously, this is so fun!!  Each acrylic page is a different shape, layering perfectly.  Here is a sample Little Yellow Bicycle made, using their Twig line.

And here is my lift using Elizabeth Park!

A sample of this completed album will be in stores April 1st!!  So remember, if you’re stuck – or just in love with a scrapbooking project you see, scraplift and use their creativity to inspire you!

The first time I brought my daughter to DisneyWorld she was was thirteen-months-old.  I argued with myself, trying to decide if I should wait until she was old enough to remember her first trip.  Of course in the end I decided that thirteen-months-old was exactly the perfect age for a first trip. :) Why?  Because I could scrapbook the entire trip and save those memories, that’s why!

Scrapbooking our trips to DisneyWorld is so great — I get to enjoy those experiences over and over.  I love all the fun Disney products we have at Archiver’s, but over the years I have found that it’s just as fun to mix in my other favorite papers and embellishments too!

This is a little mini-album I made using an A2 Sizzix die, fun Disney papers and embellishments.  Step-by-step instructions for this album are on our website.


I started scrapbooking more than ten years ago.  And really, it truly doesn’t matter if you started twenty years ago or yesterday — there is nothing better than adding a new technique to your book of tricks.

This is exactly why I am so excited to show you these cards we are making in our newest workshop: Painted Petals.  I’ve mentioned I’m more of a novice in the stamping world, but loving the experience.  So can you imagine how excited I was to learn how to make my stamps look like watercolor images?  It’s something I never would have thought of on my own.  And now it’s a  technique that I’m anxious to show off on my cards and layouts.

Three cheers for learning something new!  Reason #533 I love scrapbooking!

Today’s your day to get your weekend projects together…especially if you’re here in Minnesota and about to be snowed in for days!!  We’ve shown you a couple different card ideas to get the creativity flowing.  Today is your daily dose of  creative motivation!  I may be repetitive, but I will keep saying it — I love that anyone can scrapbook.  Anyone can make hand-made cards.  It doesn’t matter if you have never even used a trimmer.  So it you’re still unsure as to where you should start, here are two more great ideas:


These cards are perfection.  They come with the brackets already cut.  All you need to do is add the photo, a sticker, and some ribbon.  Ta-da!! 

This card uses our stationary line, Yours Truly.  Have you seen it? Would you be surprised if I told you I adore it?  In all seriousness, Yours Truly is perfect for your Holiday cards.  This shows you what a little patterned paper, a rub-on, and a brad can do. 

Get ready to wow your family and friends with your hand-made cards!  Post your card on our Facebook page!  We would love to see them!

Perhaps you haven’t started your holiday cards yet.  Perhaps you haven’t even thought about your holiday cards yet!  Perhaps you have given up on the idea of handmade cards for fear of running out of time.   But alas, there is still plenty of time!! 

I have blogged before about the genius of the L Letterpress.  Whether you make your own Christmas cards every year, or this is your first time, the Letterpress will become your new best friend.   The genius part?  Once you design your card, you adhere the letterpress plate into place and you have your own printing press!!  Personalized and beautiful, yet easy and consistent reproduction.  Does  it get any better?  Wait — there’s MORE.


Did you know you can letterpress with no ink??  The definition of beautiful and elegant, yet fast and easy.  We even have complete step-by-step directions for you on our website for these, and many other holiday card ideas.  Two reminders: Un-du is absolutely the easiest way to clean the L Letterpress, and you can stop in Archivers any time to get a one-on-one lesson on how to letterpress!!

To say we, as designers, get excited about scraps and new products to play with is such an extreme understatement.  So we thought it would be fun to gather our favorites, and make our version of a HAUL video!!  We found a few new favorites and some things we can’t live without!   We had so much fun with this one we can’t wait to keep doing them as new products are released!!

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