Turn your home movies into DVDs with Archiver’s Memory Lab!

Don’t lose your family memories to out-dated formats!

Re-live your special moments all over again! Turn old, forgotten home movies to DVD and enjoy them any time you want. Whether they’re on a VHS tape, film reel, or in another format, simply send them to our partner site and receive them back in DVD form. Plus, each disc comes with software built in for editing, adding music, and more. You can even share your movies online with friends and family near and far!

It’s as simple as this four-step process:

1. Gather your memories.
Make nearly all of your memories into DVDs! Acceptable formats include multiple versions of videotapes, film reels, photos, slides and negatives, photo albums, and digital photos and videos. Get it all on any easy to preserve disc.

2. Pick your new format.
Choose between standard DVD or Blu-ray Disc options. You’ll get an estimate of the cost and number of discs created.

3. Send in your order.
Ship your memories yourself or get a flat-fee box sent to you.

4. Enjoy & share!
Your memories (including your original materials) will arrive on the discs which will be loaded with software for editing and customizing your memories. Then share with your family and friends!

If you haven’t already, set up a Memory Lab account to receive announcements of new features, discounts and promotions, and more about the Memory Lab.

Get started today at the Memory Lab!


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