A Valentine Wreath

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  When I was a kid, we (my younger sister and I) used to put up paper hearts that we cut from construction paper and doilies.  I’m pretty sure my mom still has a couple of them in a folder somewhere.  I just loved decorating around my house with things I had made.  It didn’t matter what it was for, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, a Tuesday, I remember feeling so proud of the decorations I had made.

This leads me to the Pin of the Week:

I’ve made paper hearts galore, but I never thought to make a wreath with them!  It’s brilliant!  Plus, this would be a great project do with kids.  They could help you make the hearts and glue them all together.  It would be a great way to use all of your extra strips of cardstock or patterned paper and you’ll probably have a blast making Valentine decorations together.

What Valentine crafts are you making this year?  Cards?  Home decor?  Scrapbook pages?

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