A Fun Decor Idea

I love the home decor ideas on Pinterest.  I think if I was ever to use all of the ideas I’ve seen and pinned, I’d need a house with at least 100 rooms.  There are so many creative ideas out there that I want to try!

My Pin of the Week is a fun home decor idea that could be used in just about any room in a house:

How cool is that!  I love the bold colors and the brightness the white centers bring.  You could totally mix and match solids and patterns.  You could use different shades of one color or create an ombre look.  I think double-sided patterned papers would be really sweet too.

Have you used any home decor ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest?

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  1. Barbara Eads’s avatar

    Those sort of look like “cootie catchers”—or am I dating myself??



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