Tape of the Week

Tape comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and I’m pretty sure I love all of it.

It all started with the a pack of tapes from 7gypsies.  I saw it when I was working at the Maple Grove Archiver’s, but I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  I bought it anyway because the colors and patterns were so cool (it was the pack with the orange, teal, and cream tapes) and I’m a sucker for cool products.

Then the Tissue Tapes from Tim Holtz was brought to my attention…and of course I had to have those as well.

So now about 30 rolls of tape later…I have to remind myself that not every layout needs a piece of tape.  This leads into my Pins of the Week.  Fun ways to use tape that AREN’T on a layout!

I love candles and usually have a few around my apartment.  Especially around Christmastime.  These tea lights would be adorable with some red or green tapes.  You could jazz up any candles with some fun washi tape for just about any theme.  Weddings, birthdays, a Tuesday night, Christmas, Halloween, you name it.  Same goes for the cute banner flags.  If you’re having birthday cupcakes and the theme of the party is pink princesses, grab some pink tape and you’re set!

What fun ways have you used tape on your projects?

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