New Echo Park

If you don’t know the company Echo Park…you really should!  Click here for a video of Madison showing off his new lines to Molly at CHA.  If you’re really lucky, you’ll see Madison in front of our store at Mall of America this weekend with FABulous samples!

A Walk in the Park…one of my fave collections :)

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  1. Melissa Kaye’s avatar

    L-O-V-E Echo Park. I’m going to be buying a bunch of their stuff this weekend. :)


  2. Chalese’s avatar

    Oh I got my Life is Good this weekend!! Love it


  3. kendra storm’s avatar

    Both EcHO ParK and MaDiSOn ROCK!! I had to buy the new releases!!! had a great time at scrapfest


  4. Roxane F.’s avatar

    I love echo park, you should let your employees know about them. I was in a store in Illinois and the cherk never heard of it and laughed at me!!! She thought I was wrong since she never heard of this line!



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