Pick of the Week: BasicGrey Wander

BasicGrey has really outdone themselves this time.  The new “Wander” collection is probably my favorite BasicGrey collection EVER!  It pretty much falls into what I like to call the “Yummy” category.  :)   The colors are fabulous, and the designs are so fresh.  The versatility of this line is a big bonus.  Creating your own great travel pages is a given, but the possibilities are endless. I am envisioning “school” themed pages, “new home” or “just moved” cards and because of the rich colors, this line will look equally as great on a page featuring kids as one with just adults. This collection just arrived in our stores….this is one you won’t want to wait on…

My MOST favorite patterned paper in the collection is the one with buildings all over it!  Yuuuuummmmy…


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    I have more travel and road trip products than I will ever use and love to get more! Love the papers, the arrows, and especially the road ribbon; not so much enamored with the bus and buildings in the last photo though.

    From the post: “This line will look equally as great on a page featuring kids as one with just adults.”

    Awesome, I’m a big fan of products that aren’t specifically kid-oriented as I don’t do any pages with kids on them.


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    Love the Wander collection. Plan to make an entire book around the collection. I do think it is poor judgement to have the BG Christmas paper in the stores before the Pyrus Fall collection. The fall collection is on every web site so I had to order the entire collection online. Someone needs to take a look at the timing of the shipping of paper collections.


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      Thanks for your comment Judy. Archiver’s does carry BasicGrey’s Pyrus collection, but it’s available in select stores. If you aren’t finding it in the store closest to you and still want to purchase it, we can work on getting it shipped to you from another store. Ask a store associate if you’re interested in purchasing more! Thanks.



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