We love the QuickStik!

Have you tried a QuickStik yet? It may be one little tool, but it’s a must-have for anyone who uses gems!

If you’ve ever had trouble peeling self-adhesive gems from the package and placing them on your project, the QuickStik is here to help! Each QuickStik has two ends. One end is a plastic scraper-like tool that is perfect for gems. Just slide the scraper under the gems and lift up to release them from their packaging and transfer them to precisely where you want them on your project. It works great whether you want to place one gem, or a whole row of them! The other end features a putty-like substance that can help you pick up small pieces of paper, die-cuts, etc. easily. It’s so handy–everyone needs a QuickStik!

Check out this adorable mini card, complete with a gem for a little “bling” (and yes, a QuickStik was used to place that gem):

Click here for full instructions and product list.

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  1. Amy’s avatar

    This little tool came highly recommended by a friend, so a long time ago I picked one up at my Archiver’s….never been used! Note: Pull this out and get it in plain sight and use it!!!
    Thanks for your post to remind me!!


  2. Jessica’s avatar

    This is one of my favorite tools. If you do paper piecing this is a tool you must have!


  3. Carla’s avatar

    This tool has 3 tools in 1.
    There is a third tool hidden in the center. Pull the two ends apart and there is a plastic paper piercer inside. Great for piercing thin paper or patterned pattern for brads or eyelets. But not recommended for cardstock, as it is only plastic and will break or bend with too much pressure. I had this tool for 6mo before I discovered the 3rd tool, so now I make sure I tell everyone. Must have tool. Can’t live without it.



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