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This is one of my favorite pictures.  The quality isn’t that great – you can’t even see the faces of the subjects, but the memory attached to it is priceless to me.  My grandpa was an avid golfer.  He spent literally half of his life on the golf course.  This was taken the last time Grandpa was able to go out to a course.  He was dying of leukemia that summer and got this one last chance to go out while my mom, aunts and uncles (who played in this golf  tournament with him every year) were playing.  I snapped this as he was driving out to a green with my mom and my aunt.  It makes me think of him driving off into the sunset, enjoying the end of his life the way he lived it.  Of all the great photos we got that day of people smiling, hugging and golfing, this is truly everyone’s favorite.

I know the story behind this photo, that’s why I love it.  I watch my mom’s reaction when she sees this photo and that’s why I love it.  However…. someday, someone won’t know that story.  Someday, someone may actually not even know who the backs of the heads in the photo belong to.  Someday, someone may throw this photo away because it looks like a bad picture that didn’t get taken when the subjects were looking at the camera.  They won’t know that this was the best picture on Grandpa’s best day and such a special bookend to his very active life.

The stories behind your photos are important.  Tell them.  We know it – it is why we spend timing making scrapbooks. I love to be creative, but the storytelling is every bit as important as the creativity.  My friends tell me they don’t have kids, so they don’t scrapbook…they don’t have time, so they don’t scrapbook.  What they are really telling me is they don’t understand how valuable it is, so they don’t make the time.  Molly said recently “if people could know what it feels like to have scrapbooks – everyone would make time to do this.”

Our stories are so important.  Your family (even generations from now) will thank you.

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  1. Chris’s avatar

    Very touching….and inspiring.


  2. Bobbie’s avatar

    Beautiful…and I totally agree….I love the stories and know that they will be around for my daughters and my grandchildren to enjoy long after I am gone! My oldest granddaughter said to me one day, ‘if I ever forget my life, I can just look at my scrapbook!’


  3. Lisa’s avatar

    What a beautiful story! And so very true. Scrapbooking is a very personal way of preserving family history and stories.


  4. Sharon’s avatar

    This hits so close to home – could we see the page you made with the photo?


    1. Jennifer’s avatar

      Sharon – I will bring the page in and post it tomorrow. I hope it will give you some good ideas!


  5. barbara’s avatar

    it’s about the stories, not the perfection of a beautiful page (although those are fun to do).


  6. Pat’s avatar

    WOW!! What and inspiring story. I don’t even know you and I felt the joy in your heart describing that day. Memories is what it is all about!


  7. Kallie’s avatar

    When I go back and look at pages just from 3 years ago, I can’t remember some things. I have actually gone back and added more names & dates to some of my early pages.
    An word of encouragement – Don’t feel like the journaling has to go on the page. Take 5 minutes – write it up on the computer, print it out and stick it in the next pocket. Anyone can take a picture and make a pretty page but only you know the stories that are priceless.



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